CareERP has been designed to address specific business needs of a Community Care house, in the broader context of a State and Federally-funded organisation seeking funding to provide community care services to its clients and report on services delivered back to its funding providers. CareERP is based on OpeERP’s Project module, employing the task feature to track services delivered to clients across multiple funding streams. It also tracks unfunded activity, provides calendar scheduling, integration with Google email and calendar as well as reporting on services delivered to clients. Most importantly, it is partially integrated with DEX, the online reporting tool for the Department of Social Services. It posts Session data, related to Services delivered to Clients against DEX Cases.

Community Task

Community Task and Session management is the core of CareERP. Each task contains multiple services applicable to the specific funding stream (also called projects). The delivery of a service is called a session and it indicates the number of hours, number of volunteers, number of people involve and the service name delivered. Each funding stream can have services exclusive for its own and is configured separately. This provides the capability to handle multiple funding stream with provision for syncing to other systems while utilizing a unified web-based platform.

Department of Social Services Data Exchange System (DSS DEX)

Department of Social Services Data Exchange System (DSS DEX) integration is used to upload and post session data applicable to DEX cases. A separate configuration options can be provisioned to create integration to other private or government sanctioned systems.

Email and SMS notification

Email and SMS notification is also part of CareERP and can be configured to use multiple gateways for redundancy. Email and SMS messages may contain attachment or URL link to the task or session of concern. Request for approval can also trigger an email and/or SMS notification.

Faster Data Entry

Faster Data Entry through the use of bulk import or bulk edit templates. Initial master data entry can take hours if done one at a time. CareERP allows the use of CSV files to create records in bulk in any menus. Bulk edit is also possible by exporting data from CareERP and reimporting it back with updated contents.


OpenChatter integrates messaging and email directly within the record itself. You can add other users to follow a record via email invite with the link to the record. Notifications across all records can be accessed within the Messaging app.

Different View Types

Different View Types allow presentation of records in List, Form, Kanban, Graph and Calendar view.

Search and Record Filters

Search and Record Filters allow record lookup with custom search parameters which can be added to Favorites for later reuse.

Reports in Excel

Reports in Excel can be generated through either the list view link or record export. Other custom reports such as Daily Data and DCS Report are in Excel format as well.

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